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How to PlayForced Order
...who will brown bag all her lunches, try her hand at canned cuisine
...who knows how it feels to have wings on your heels, and to fly down the street in a trance
...who dug right down to the bottom of her soul to see what she had inside
...who's gotta crow
...who may atone, in some slight measure, for the repeated acts of theft and pillage
...who wasn't born to be looked at as five feet tall, no, not him
...who loves him, oh yes, she loves him, and she'll bravely tell him, but only when they dream again
,,,who thinks he's got her beat
...who cain't say no
...who knows he has no right, but sometimes late at night he watches her in the attic
...who is told that young ladies can point to their fathers with maidenly pride
...who thinks she's gonna like it here
...who'd like to stay and taste her first champagne
...who gets a kick every time she sees him standing there, before her
...who never really found the boy before she lost him
...who must meet his wife (let her get her hat and her knife)
...who, besides having everything, he knows what everything's for
...who is someone he admires, still their friendship leaves something to be desired
... who don't wanna ride moons no more, she don't wanna show off
...who's never been in love before- he thought his heart was safe
...who (if his life were important) would ask 'will he live or die?' but he knows the answers lie far from this world
...who's not at all in love, not at all in love, oh no
...who's gotta find his corner of the sky
...who knows things now, many valuable things

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