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Can you name the Wikipedia pages based on the particular dispute which sparked numerous page edits?

Featured Feb 22, 2011

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Total Page EditsWikipedia PageDisputed Topic/Issue
8,778Should we mention this medical drama show's lack of Asian diversity?
9,983Which is more famous - the band or the torture device?
20,579Should ''wee'' link here, or to the article for urine?
5,546Can it be described as ''the most powerful living cat''?
300Is the politician more famous than the Monty Python member?
3,999How tall was this French wrestler? 7'4''? 6'10''? Was his height even consistent?
3,050Does Steve Irwin's death warrant mentioning?
12,802Was this US Senator's Purple Heart awarded for a ''wound'' or a ''minor wound''?
7,766This famous inventor was born of Serbian parents in the Austrian Empire, which became part of the Hungarian half of Austria-Hungary, which is now in Croatia, AND he became a US citizen. What is his ethnicity...?
11,539Which describes the correct relationship between man and this animal: ''owner'', ''caregiver'', or ''human companion''?
22,517Whether to use B.C. or A.D. for dates pertaining to this religious figure.
15,842Is this country in northern North America, in the northern part of North America, or just in North America?
1,359Is this breakfast cereal actually sold in Ireland or not?
1,926Is this fictional space station 120km or 160km in diameter? Or even 900km?
Total Page EditsWikipedia PageDisputed Topic/Issue
4,351Should ''conceit'' be used in the phrase: ''The conceit of 'questioning answers'...and...its theme music, remains the most enduring and distinctive element of the show.''?
18,280Should the four band members be listed in ''traditional'' order or alphabetically?
11,565What nationality is playable character Niko Bellic: Serbian, Slovak, Bosnian, Russian, or something else?
2,285Is it appropriate to include a picture of a dozing cow with the caption: ''An unsuspecting potential victim''?
2,136Does the traditional recipe for this condiment include lemon juice or not?
9,191Was the protagonist Fry cryonically or crygenically or cryogenically frozen?
10,857Are Bono's harmonica skills relevant in this encyclopedia entry?
5,654Should the page title for this chemical element end with ''-um'' or ''-ium''?
29,297Is Jimmy Wales the founder or a co-founder with Larry Sanger?
714Is it appropriate to include a huge picture of a tarantula?
6,176 Is the name pronounced ''rolling'', or does it rhyme with ''howling''?
15,146Is Stephen Colbert considered a serious candidate in this political event? Should he be listed as the comedian or the character?
611What is their age range: 8-12, 9-12, 10-12, or 8-13 years old?
11,061Was the right wing US commentator/pundit born in 1961 or 1963?

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