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Can you name the different types of Pokémon trainers in the Gen II (GSC) games?

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Example Game QuoteTrainer Class
My soul is on fire. I'll show you how hot it burns!
I train to find enlightenment in Pokémon!
Oooh, your Pokémon are so appealing.
Hm? This is no place for playing.
I've decided. I'll battle you as a trainer to earn Suicune's respect!
I'll freeze your Pokémon, so you can't do a thing!
Behold my graceful Ball dexterity!
I couldn't foresee your power...
My Pokémon are so cute. Let me show them off to you.
Words are useless. Let your fists do the talking!
Hi! I was just going to put some sun block on.
Fork over your goodies!
I like cute Pokémon better than strong Pokémon.
Oh, you are a cute little trainer!
I can keep dancing because there are people who enjoy what I do.
Men of the sea are always spoiling for a good fight!
I'm going to audition my songs at Goldenrod's Radio Station.
All right. I recognize your true power. This Badge is yours.
My line's all tangled up...
'Who are you?' 'It's a stranger we don't know.'
Example Game QuoteTrainer Class
Glub... I'm first! Come and get me!
You be good and stay out of trouble.
I feel like just flying away now.
I knew that you, with your skills, would eventually reach me here.
Thanks to my studies, I'm ready for any Pokémon!
I always train to the extreme because I believe in our potential. ...Can you withstand our power?
Wait! You look weak! Come on, let's battle!
We are going to regain our former glory. I won't allow you to interfere with our plans.
I'm gonna show my girlfriend I'm hot stuff!
Ah, it's good to be outside! I feel so free!
My boyfriend's weak, so I can't rely on him.
I see it clearly. I can see into your soul!
It feels great ordering Pokémon to commit crimes.
We're fearless highway stars!
Don't lay a finger on my students!
Why don't girls like bug Pokémon?
I waited here to beat you when you were tired out by the battles.
I don't care that Pokémon are hurt by our experiment.
Check out my parallel turn!
My chance of losing? Not even one percent!

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