Pokémon Trainer Classes (Gen I)

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Can you name the different types of Pokémon trainers in the Gen I (RBY) games?

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Example Game QuoteTrainer Class
Dropped my balls!
Come out and play, little mouse!
Does our unseen power scare you?
I found these fossils! They're both mine!
Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!
The truly talented win with style!
I'm a cool guy. I've got a girl friend!
All right! Let's roll the dice!
Little kids should leave grown-ups alone!
Hey matey! Let's do a little jig!
Oh no! My bag of loot!
Yeah! I got a bite, here!
I break boulders for training!
Be cursed with me! Kwaaah!
Example Game QuoteTrainer Class
The wind's blowing my way!
Bwahaha! Great! I was bored, eh!
I look at the sea to forget!
That look you gave me, it's so intriguing!
Want to see my collection?
We ride out here because there's more room!
Oh, you're a little cutie!
Me? Well, OK. I'll play!
Electricity is my specialty!
Help! I'm a Silph employee.
Careful! I'm laying down some cables!
Come on! I'll whip you!
You pup! How dare you barge in!
I got up early every day to raise my Pokémon from cocoons!

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