Pokémon Trainer Classes (Gen I)

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Can you name the different types of Pokémon trainers in the Gen I (RBY) games?

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Example Game QuoteTrainer Class
Me? Well, OK. I'll play!
Careful! I'm laying down some cables!
You pup! How dare you barge in!
Oh, you're a little cutie!
All right! Let's roll the dice!
The truly talented win with style!
Hey matey! Let's do a little jig!
Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!
I'm a cool guy. I've got a girl friend!
Yeah! I got a bite, here!
Help! I'm a Silph employee.
Electricity is my specialty!
I found these fossils! They're both mine!
I break boulders for training!
Example Game QuoteTrainer Class
Little kids should leave grown-ups alone!
The wind's blowing my way!
Bwahaha! Great! I was bored, eh!
Does our unseen power scare you?
Dropped my balls!
I look at the sea to forget!
Be cursed with me! Kwaaah!
Come out and play, little mouse!
We ride out here because there's more room!
I got up early every day to raise my Pokémon from cocoons!
Come on! I'll whip you!
Oh no! My bag of loot!
Want to see my collection?
That look you gave me, it's so intriguing!

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