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Can you name the Pokémon in English based on their foreign names?

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Foreign NamePokémon (English)Language [Gen]
Zenigame (ゼニガメ)Japanese [I]
Purin (プリン) Japn/Kor [I]
Nyarth (ニャース) Japanese [I]
Iwark (イワーク) Japanese [I]
Blacky (ブラッキー) Japanese [II]
Juptile (ジュプトル) Japanese [III]
Dumbber (ダンバル) Japanese [III]
Pokabu (ポカブ)Japanese [V]
Giaru (ギアル)Japanese [V]
Simsala German [I]
KleinsteinGerman [I]
Schlurp German [I]
SmogonGerman [I]
RelaxoGerman [I]
Icognito German [II]
PantimimiGerman [IV]
AeropteryxGerman [V]
Pam-PamGerman [VI]
RafflesiaFrench [I]
MetamorpheFrench [I]
ArtikodinFrench [I]
Simularbre French [II]
AxolotoFrench [II]
Chapignon French [III]
Pingoleon French [IV]
LaporeilleFrench [IV]
BrutalibréFrench [VI]
Abo (아보)Korean [I]
Chilsaekjo (칠색조) Korean [II]
Xiao Huo Long (小火龍) Chinese [I]
Jiu Wei (九尾) Chinese [I]
Qi Lin Qi (麒麟奇)Chinese [II]

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