Carmen Sandiego's Heists - The World

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Can you name the countries from which Carmen Sandiego stole the following items?

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Stolen ItemCountry
The gargoyles from Notre Dame Cathedral
The keys to the Forbidden City
The keys to the Tower of London
The best coffee
The Trans-Siberian Railroad
The bulls from Pamplona
The king's Siamese cat
The court stage from Drottningholm Palace
The secret recipe for kimchi
The statue of Sir Stamford Raffles
The island of Bali
The Mekong River
All the kiwi birds
The entire city of Casablanca
The Presidential Palace's finest rug
The baton used to lead the Vienna Boys' Choir
All the goulash
The Khyber Pass
The Statue of Liberty's torch
Nairobi International Airport
The Niger Delta
The plans for this year's Carnival
The Sistine Chapel's ceiling
The Olympic Flame
Stolen ItemCountry
The fish from half of Lake Titicaca
Gandhi's glasses
The Cape of Good Hope
The water dikes
The keys from Beethoven's first piano
The abominable snowman
The controls for the Panama Canal
The Ngorongoro Crater
The Nile Delta
The Zaire River ferry
The salt from the Dead Sea
The Silver Pagoda
The writing desk of Hans Christian Andersen
Every anchovy from the Black Sea
Every last drop of salsa
A monkey-eating eagle
The game-winning puck from the first Stanley Cup championship
Havana's best cigars
The steps to the tango
The Strait of Magellan
The headwaters of the Amazon River
The middle of the Trans-Arabian Pipeline
The snow from atop Mt. Fuji

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