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'Since when do you listen to rap?'New Moon
'They say you can put a vampire flat on his back.'Breaking Dawn
'I told him you were planning to corrupt my youthful innocence.'New Moon
'If you were up to any good, you wouldn't be here.'Breaking Dawn (J.Jenks's 'assistant')
You know things are bad when you feel guilty for being rude to vampires.Breaking Dawn
'Maybe it would have been too easy to turn down the brandy.'Twilight
'You didn't do anything. It's my fault. I did this. I did everything wrong. I could have... When he... I shouldn't have... I... I...'Eclipse
'You see, he thinks we've lost our souls.'New Moon
'Weren't you sort of a pet of theirs?'New Moon
'Bella, I just-- I just beheaded and dismembered a sentient creature not twenty yards from you. That doesn't bother you?'Eclipse
'I've never seen anyone so prone to life threatening idiocy.'New Moon
'I told you about their mind tricks. You know I love only you.'Eclipse
'Bella, Charlie is one of my best friends.'Twilight
'Have you changed your mind, young one? We don't want to destroy you, but we will if you can't control yourself.'Eclipse
'But you're not going to the dance, right?'Twilight
Seth Clearwater had braved the throng of vampires to stand in for my lost werewolf friend.Breaking Dawn
'I was prepared to help, but you didn't need it.'Breaking Dawn
'Bella, You don't have to do this.'Twilight
'I see a room. It's long, and there are mirrors everywhere. The floor is wooden. He's in the room, and he's waiting. There's gold... a gold stripe across the mirrors.''Twilight
'You look strong, though. Perhaps you could withstand my gift.'Breaking Dawn
'There are no options for those who break the rules.'Eclipse

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