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Can you name the buildings in Springfield?

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Fancy restaurant
Homer's second restaurant of choice
Special Christmas Shop in Tapped Out (iOS)
Not a parody of Wal-Mart
Pin Pals
Special Christmas Shop in Tapped Out (iOS)
'Stupid _____'
Site of the premiere of The Itchy and Scratchy Movie
'Mmmm... DONUTS...'
Homer's restaurant of choice
Bart and Milhouse's Favourite Shop
Homer's workplace
Bart's Hangout
'I want a Seymour Butts'
The store for left-handed people
'Hey hey kids!'
'All opposed: say 'I hate America'.'
Where Lisa bought her saxophone
Bart and Lisa's School
Milhouse's Home
House of the main characters
'Thank you, come again!'
Home of Homer's Dad

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