Names of Simpsons Buildings

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Can you name the buildings in Springfield?

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Bart's Hangout
The store for left-handed people
'I want a Seymour Butts'
'Hey hey kids!'
Homer's second restaurant of choice
Home of Homer's Dad
Fancy restaurant
Homer's restaurant of choice
Not a parody of Wal-Mart
'All opposed: say 'I hate America'.'
House of the main characters
Bart and Lisa's School
'Mmmm... DONUTS...'
Milhouse's Home
Bart and Milhouse's Favourite Shop
Special Christmas Shop in Tapped Out (iOS)
Special Christmas Shop in Tapped Out (iOS)
'Thank you, come again!'
Site of the premiere of The Itchy and Scratchy Movie
'Stupid _____'
Homer's workplace
Where Lisa bought her saxophone
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