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Hints.Answer.Who said it.
When is Niall Horan's birthday?
What is Zayn's full name?
How many brothers/sisters does Liam have?
When is Louis Tomlinson's birthday?
Which member of One Direction belong to this quote: 'Vas Happening'?
How many brothers/sisters does Louis have?
How many brothers/sisters does Harry have?
When is Liam Payne's birthday?
When is Harry Styles' birthday?
What is Harry's full name?
Hints.Answer.Who said it.
What is Niall's full name?
How many brothers/sisters does Zayn have?
When is Zayn Malik's birthday?
What is Louis' full name?
Which member has a new motto everyday?
What is Liam's full name?
Which member is nicknamed 'Boo Bear'?
How many brothers/sisters does Niall have?
Which member has never been in a serious relationship because he is waiting for the right girl?
Which member was hit in the crotch during a performance?

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