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Hints.Answer.Who said it.
When is Zayn Malik's birthday?
Which member has a new motto everyday?
What is Liam's full name?
How many brothers/sisters does Louis have?
How many brothers/sisters does Liam have?
What is Harry's full name?
What is Niall's full name?
How many brothers/sisters does Zayn have?
How many brothers/sisters does Harry have?
When is Louis Tomlinson's birthday?
Hints.Answer.Who said it.
What is Zayn's full name?
When is Harry Styles' birthday?
Which member of One Direction belong to this quote: 'Vas Happening'?
Which member has never been in a serious relationship because he is waiting for the right girl?
Which member was hit in the crotch during a performance?
When is Niall Horan's birthday?
How many brothers/sisters does Niall have?
Which member is nicknamed 'Boo Bear'?
When is Liam Payne's birthday?
What is Louis' full name?

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