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'Easy as peach pie'
'Well, I imagine you did feel happy. You were very smug, and you flirted shamelessly with the waitress.'
'Not everyone cringes in pain whaen touching you, you know.'
'Our first date would probably be the one you tricked me into.'
'You're just a... just a square pillow. And I've recently discovered that I like round ones!'
'Many year ago, many hair ago!'
'It's not like there are any pretty waitresses in the jungle, Ren. There's no need for you to show off your muscles.'
'If you have to ask, then obviously I've failed in my effort.'
'Hello, Kahl-see! Joyous meetings happen with you!'
'Shakespere won't save you this time, superman!'
'That train has already zoomed by, buster, and you didn't have a ticket.'
'Now I guess I know what all those lady tigers were saying'

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