Can you name all 116 LoL Champions by Selection Quote?

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Can you name the Can you name all 116 LoL Champions by Selection Quote?

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'Death is only the beginning.'
'Fired up and ready to serve.'
'Valoran will know harmony.'
'Let us hunt those who have fallen to darkness.'
'What delightful agony we shall inflict.'
'Welcome to the League of Draven!'
'So much untapped power!'
'Dead man walkin''
'Punch first. Ask questions while punching.'
'The unseen blade is the deadliest.'
'I do your bidding... for now...'
'My stinger brings ugly death.'
'Time for a true display of skill.'
'I shall bring great suffering!'
'Join the glorious evolution.'
'On my wings.'
'Tactical decision, summoner!'
'Don't you trust me?'
'Know that if the tables were turned, I'd show you no mercy.'
'I was made for this... Literally.'
'As balance dictates.'
'A guardian is always prepared.'
'Oblivion awaits.'
'I fight for a brighter tomorrow!'
'I'm on the case.'
'This'll be a blast!'
'Let's do this!'
'Your bidding, master.'
'Here we go!'
'Behold the might of the Shadow Isles.'
'Indeed, a wise choice.'
'I will be free.'
'Live and die by the blade.'
'Rules are made to be broken... like buildings! Or people!'
'I knew you would do that.'
'To the arena!'
'Rock Solid.'
'Only you can hear me summoner, what masterpiece shall we play today?'
'Nothing can hold me back!'
'Change... is good.'
'Violence solves everything!'
'I do it.'
'To the Fields of Justice!'
'The tempest is at your command.'
'Embrace the darkness!'
'Only the spider is safe in her web.'
'We will kill your enemies. That will be fun.'
'Oh, what do you want?'
'Everybody dies. Some just need a little help.'
'Time to feast!'
'To battle!'
'This'll be a slaughter!'
'A demonstration of superior judgement.'
'My blade is at your service.'
'Do you feel a chill?'
'Ready to set the world on fire? Heheheh...'
'What is broken CAN be reforged!'
'Let's go, let's go!'
'Don't you find me... beautiful?'
'Captain Teemo on duty!'
'They will fear the wilds.'
'Lady Luck is smilin'.'
'Justice takes wing.'
'More than just precious stones, I bring you an ancient power.'
'The cycle of life and death continue, we will live, they will die.'
'I thought you'd never pick me.'
'All the world on one arrow.'
'A new moon is rising.'
'You'd wish the world you know to end! Yesssss'
'The dawn has arrived.'
'The Black Rose shall bloom once more!'
'Time to troll!'
'You wanna play, too? It'll be fun.'
'Let me guide you.'
'The eyes never lie.'
'The guilty shall know agony.'
'I will bury the world in ice.'
'I long for a worthy opponent.'
'Into the fray!'
'Tonight we hunt!'
'Trust nothing but your strength.'
'Let's make this fun.'
'They will regret opposing me.'
'The early bird guts the worm.'
'How about a magic trick?'
'Prepare to be boarded!'
'Our rage is beyond your control.'
'Let me at 'em!'
'Leave nothing behind!'
'I wanna shoot something.'
'Your will, my hands.'
'The night is my veil.'
'Feel the thorns' embrace.'
'The rivers will run red.'
'By my will, this shall be finished.'
'How about a drink?'
'This battle will be my masterpiece.'
'They are nothing before me.'
'My blade is yours.'
'Let the storm follow in my wake.'
'I'm up to snuff, and gots me an ace machine!'
'I decide what the tide will bring.'
'If you're buyin', I'm in!'
'I will be the best!'
'As I live, all will die!'
'Eternal life... endless torture.'
'The balance of power must be preserved.'
'We'll bring them pain!'
'Always trust your spirit.'
'Beware the depths.'
'Let's get in the fight!'
'Fortune doesn't favour fools!'
'Pleased to meet you!'

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