Strange Phobias

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Can you name the strange phobias below?

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Phobia NameThe fear of...Hints
AlliumphobiaA vegetable, used for flavor
AmathophobiaWhen something is very old it collects...
AnglophobiaBetter not go to London
ArachibutyrophobiaIs it bad if nutella sticks to the roof of your mouth?
AulophobiaAre they scared of piccolos too?
AuroraphobiaDon't live in Alaska...
BarophobiaThis is working against John Mayer
BibliophobiaDon't go to a library
ChorophobiaBee Gees,' We should be ______ yeah'
ChronomentrophobiaWell then, guess you can't have a watch
Phobia NameThe fear of...Hints
ConsecotaleophobiaDon't eat at an Asian restaurant
DutchphobiaDouble _______ fudge
FrancophobiaBonjour monsieur!
GermanophobiaGuten tag!
GnosiophobiaObviously they never learned
HylophobiaDon't go camping
IdeophobiaCan they think?
JapanophobiaKon'nichiwa こんにちは
KathisophobiaDo they just stand up all the time?
RussophobiaСтрах перед Россией

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