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 The name the main character gives to the cyclops
 Daughter of the Kings of Phaikia
 these people try to keep the men on their island by giving them a plant that makes them forget home
 The son who avenges his father's death
 The main character
 King that gives the main character safe passage home
 The swine herd (loyal)
 singers that lead ships of course
 6 headed monster
 Old trusted nursemain to main character
 The work that precedes TheOdyssey
 The main character's wife
 The summoner of cloud, Athena's father
 Poet, credited with writing The Odyssey
 The shape shifter
 slutty maid, killed by main character
 The cowherd
 The main character's son
 Menelaos's brother, killed by his wife
 The earthshaker
 son of the King of Pylos
 The face that launched 1000 ships
 inspire the work, and all art
 The murderous wife
 father of the character that keeps the main character on her island, holds up the world
 now meaning wise friend, a disguise taken on by Athena
 The murderous wife's lover
 King of Pylos
 The sun god
 The wayfinder (sandals and wand)
 The blind soothsayer
 The main character's father
 The main character's dog
 The goatherd
 device used by the main character to win the Trojan war
 Leader of the suitors to the wife of the main character
 Goddess who turns men to swine
 Main character's mother - he meets her in Hades
 keeps the main character on her island, immortal
 The blinded cyclops
 Goddess of wisdom and warfare
 The wind god
 The red haired captain

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