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This song is about being an insomniac.
This song is about an ex-girlfriend who is also the topic of Good Riddance, Chump and Sassafras Roots.
Don't mix the things in this song's name together!
International Superhits. 
Mike Dirnt wrote this songs famous bass line whilst on LSD.
There are two songs of this name...but this one has a question mark.
21st Century Breakdown 
A strange song about sadomasochism (receiving pleasure from pain).
This song translates to 'Seize The Day' in latin.
This song appears on Kerplunk but was later rerecorded for Dookie.
An odd song which only Tré sings in.
An entire album was recorded before the master tracks were stolen in 2003. What is the name of the title track?
Later appeared on the live album, Awesome as F**k. 
When the band wrote a series of short songs in an attempt to out-do each other and put it together this 9-minute suite was created.
American Idiot 
A song about cross-dressing.
A song written by Billie-Joe after his girlfriend moved to Ecuador.
Mike Dirnt wrote the lyrics to this song.
The only single from ¡Dos!
This song starts identically to '21st Century Breakdown' (the song).
21st Century Breakdown. 
This song shares a video with Brain Stew.
This experimental song is set in Waltz time.
An Operation Ivy cover.
1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (originally Slappy) 
A two-part song.
21st Century Breakdown. 
The song name was the original name of Green Day.
Sweet Children 
This song is largely based on the melody of 'Bring It on Home to Me' by Sam Cooke.
This song is part of the sound track of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2'.
This song was originally a Foxboro Hot Tubs song.
This song strongly features a Harmonica.
A song which can be found in the Dookie demos but was released on Nimrod.
A song about Mike Dirnt's childhood friend, Jason Andrew Relva.
International Superhits 

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