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Can you name the future, past, or current US presidents from their occupation in the given year?

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"Future" in this context means later than the given year, not later from today. A given president may show up more than once.
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This man served in the Virginia State Legislature and worked on guaranteeing religious freedom there 
This man avidly followed the proceedings of the Continental Congress through correspondence with his father, a delegate  
Growing up in rural North Carolina, this man received a sporadic education, at best 
This man was Commander-in-chief of the Continental Army as the American colonies revolted 
This Virginian wrote much of the Declaration of Independence 
This man, representing Massachusetts in the second Continental Congress, advocated for separate, independent American states 
This man served in the 3rd Virginia Regiment in the Continental Army and was wounded in the Battle of Trenton 
Only three years old, this man realized little of the successful Virginian political family surrounding him 
This man graduated from High School near Los Angeles, California 
This man, at the time only six years old, was an avid reader and gained an interest in his father's farm 
This budding actor was student president at Eureka College 
This man was Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court until he died on March 8 
This man was the assistant to a high-ranking War Department official tasked with preparatory combat strategies 
As presiding judge of the Jackson (MO) County Court, this man coordinated extensive infrastructure improvements 
This man excelled at football for Grand Rapids South High School, attracting the attention of some colleges 
This man was director of the New York Life Insurance Company and wrote a syndicated newspaper column 
This man graduated from Texas State and worked in Welly Hopkins' campaign for Congress 
This son of a wall street banker entered elementary school in Greenwich, Connecticut 
After finishing the eighth grade in Connecticut, this man spent his summer in Hyannis, Massachusetts 
This man advocated a laissez-faire solution to the economic woes that had carried over from 1929 
This man courted the support of Tammany Hall in his reelection bid to remain New York's governor 
This man lived in Missouri, keeping from the public eye and occasionally struggling to make ends meet 
This man flew F-102s while serving in the Texas Air National Guard 
This man campaigned for reelection as Governor of California, a state where he had gained popularity as a film actor 
This man, just returned from a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford, enrolled at Yale to study law 
This lame duck Congressman from Texas prepared to assume the American ambassadorship to the UN 
This man was busy running for Governor of Georgia, making countless campaign stops while operating his peanut farm 
This man, capitalizing on voters' environmental awareness, established the EPA and witnessed the first Earth Day from the White House 
This man attended elementary school in Jakarta, Indonesia, having moved from Hawaii three years prior 
This man, in his 21st year as Congressman from Grand Rapids, Michigan, was in his fifth year as House Minority Leader 
This man wrote his memoirs and worked on his Presidential Library from his ranch in Stonewall, Texas 

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