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Can you name the flags of sovereign nations with a plant somewhere on it?

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PlantCountryLocation of Plant
GarlandsIn emblem at center
Mahogany tree and leavesIn coat-of-arms
Laurel branchesIn coat-of-arms
Maple leafIn center of flag
Olive branchesBelow outline at center
Laurel branch and palm frondIn coat-of-arms
Laurel garlandIn coat-of-arms
Olive wreathIn symbol at left
Laurel wreathIn coat-of-arms
Flower and olive branchIn talon of eagle
Olive branch and palm frondIn coat-of-arms
Cinchona tree, laurel branch, oak wreath, palm frondIn coat-of-arms
Laurel and oak branchIn coat-of-arms
PlantCountryLocation of Plant
Namele fern leavesIn boar's tusk at left
Bushel of wheat, laurel and olive branches, palm frondIn coat-of-arms
Palm frondsIn coat-of-arms
Clove of nutmegIn triangle at left
Bo leavesIn corners
Silk cotton treeIn coat-of-arms
Olive branchesIn stripe at left
Bananas, cocoa pod, coconut palm, sugar caneIn coat-of-arms
Grass and palm tree In coat-of-arms
Cedar treeIn middle stripe
Cactus, laurel and oak leavesIn coat-of-arms
Laurel branch and palm frondIn coat-of-arms

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