Borders of Bulgaria (1908-)

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Can you name the countries that border, or have bordered, Bulgaria since the declaration of independence in 1908?

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Militarily occupied territories do NOT count. Only those that were annexed.
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Years BorderingCountryBorders With
1908-1947Moesia (1908-1947); Southern Dobruja (1908-1913)
1908-1920Northern Thrace (1908-1920); Eastern Macedonia, Rumelia (1913-1920)
1908-1918Moesia (1908-1918)
1913-1924; 1935-1941; 1944-1973Eastern Macedonia, Rumelia (1913-1924; 1935-1941; 1944-1973); Western Thrace (1913-1923); Northern Thrace (1935-1941; 1944-1973)
1918-1941Eastern Macedonia, Moesia (1918-1941)
1923-Northern Thrace (1923-1989); Burgas, Khaskovo, Yambol (1989-)
1924-1935Eastern Macedonia, Northern Thrace, Rumelia (1924-1935)
1941-1945Eastern Macedonia (1941-1944)
1941-1945Eastern Macedonia, Moesia (1941-1944)
Years BorderingCountryBorders With
1941-1944Eastern Macedonia, Northern Thrace, Rumelia (1941-1944)
1945-1992Eastern Macedonia, Moesia (1945-1989); Mihailovgrad, Sofia (1989-1992)
1947-1989Moesia, Southern Dobruja (1947-1989)
1973-Eastern Macedonia, Northern Thrace, Rumelia (1973-1989); Burgas, Haskovo, Plovdiv, Sofia (1989-1998); Blagoevgrad, Kardjali, Khaskovo, Smolyan (1998-)
1989-Moesia, Southern Dobruja (1989-)
1991-Sofia (1991-1998); Blagoevgrad, Kyoustendil (1998-)
1992-2003Mihailovgrad, Sofia (1992-1998); Kyoustendil, Montana, Pernik, Sofia, Vidin (1998-2003)
2003-2006Kyoustendil, Montana, Pernik, Sofia, Vidin (2003-2006)
2006-Kyoustendil, Montana, Pernik, Sofia, Vidin (2006-2012)

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