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Won the 5 big Oscars.1934
The Marx Brothers take on high society.1935
Widows beware, Robert Mitchum is here.1955
Directed by Fellini. On IMDB's Top 250.1957
Sidney Poitier & Rod Steiger.1967
Romero's first zombie movie.1968
Hoffman & Voight - won 3 Oscars. 1969
Travolta on the dancefloor.1977
Horror with Jamie Lee Curtis (remade 2008)1980
Sylvester Stallone vs Rutger Hauer.1981
Ron Howard directed Keaton and Winkler.1982
Horror movie - Killer dressed as Santa.1984
Chris Sarandon in classic 80's vamp flick.1985
Freddy Krueger. 1984
Rob Lowe & Demi Moore.1986
Robert De Niro & Charles Grodin.1988
The Hoff + KITT. (TV-Movie)1991
Jack Skellington.1993
Bruce Willis plays color-blind Bill Capa.1994
Connery as King Arthur, Gere as Lancelot.1995
Eastwood directed Spacey and Cusack.1997
Will Ferrell & Chris Kattan hit da clubs.1998
Liv Tyler as a femme fatale.2001
Heath Ledger will rock you.2001
Billy Bob Thornton as a football coach.2004
2nd movie George Clooney directed.2005
Ben Stiller working late.2006
Josh Hartnett fighting vamps.2007
Phoenix & Wahlberg vs Russian gangsters. 2007
'Why so serious?' 2008
Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz.2010
Steve Carell & Tina Fey. 2010

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