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Letter + ClueMovieYear
A - Tiny vampires2002
B - Not very obscure. By LOTR-director1992
C - Original tagline: 'All hell is about to break loose', Remake tagline: 'Fear Thy Neighbor'1973, 2010
D - Casper Van Dien vs Orlock 2004
E - No BOOMSTICK yet :)1981
F - Tagline: 'Today the pond! Tomorrow the world!' (the answer is in the pond)1972
G - Tagline: 'They'll get you in the end' (8 letters, begins with G)1985
H - Wes Craven before 'Nightmare on Elm Street'1977, 2006
I - H.P. Lovecraft inspired, directed by Carpenter1995
J - No. 10 in this 80's franchise2001
K - think Stephen King's 'IT', but from outer space1988
L - No. 6 in this 'little' franchise2003
M - Big Bloodsucking Insectman2005
Letter + ClueMovieYear
N - Features characters named Raimi, Cameron and Landis1986
O - Adult Damien1981
P - By 'Titanic' director1981
Q - Remake of the answer to R, starring 'Dexters' sister2008
R - Spooky spanish horror2007
S - Angry worms...1976
T - Easy one; Kurt Russel and Carpenter1982
U - Not Jason, but Jackson...1988
V - Skywalker and Superman together in this horrormovie1995
W - Eliza Dushku vs degenerates2003
X - Tagline: 'Some extra-terrestrials aren't friendly'1983
Y - Stephen King: Nightmares and Dreamscapes, episode title:2006
Z - Lucio Fulci - nuff said1979

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