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Can you name the Sonic the Hedgehog characters created for the Archie Comic?

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Sally's older brother
Wolfpack traitor; Hershey's abusive boyfriend
Zone Cop in charge of keeping balance between zones
Dragon who terrorized Station Square and abused Dulcy
Overlander scientist; brought Mobotropolis into a golden age
Former Constable of the Echidna Security Team
Knuckles's father
Bunnie's uncle, a Grandmaster
Former Kommissar, current Grandmaster
Bride of the Raiju Clan
Sandblast City's cruel Freedom Fighter leader
Tails's Moebius doppelganger
A robot designed to evolve and grow; left Mobius but destroyed other worlds
Nack's twin sister
Echidna girl from the future out to make things right
Leader of the Rebel Underground; secret Ixis Wizard?
Sonic's father, the last Robian
Hot-headed King of the Free People; Sally's former boyfriend
Realistic-looking koala maid
Knuckles's girlfriend and soulmate
Antoine and Bunnie's daughter from the future
Immortal villain with a chaos emerald in his chest; owns a casino
Super jynx; leader of the Substitute Freedom Fighters
The first Sonic robot
Tails's magical uncle
Timid porcupine, Substitute Freedom Fighter, and Council member
Peace-loving hippie Downunda Freedom Fighter
Downunda Sub-Boss
Sonic's Moebius counterpart and the 'King' of his world
Knuckles's fire-ant tutor
Amy Rose's crazy Moebius counterpart
Sonic's ex-girlfriend; broke Tails's heart
Formerly Enerjak, eventually reduced to a head in a bubble
Robotnik's niece; looks like Maria
Dingo cab driver who just didn't want to be bothered
Albino echidna scientist who wants to destroy civilization
Horse paladin devoted to extinguishing dark magic
Guardian who left his position to serve the Ancient Walkers
Giant lizard robot, eventually shrunk to size
Overlander who hunts Mobians for sport
Sally's tutor
Robot who guards Ivan Kintobor's body
Clammy member of the Forty Fathoms Freedom Fighters
Master of the Special Zone; giant panda god thing
Downunda Freedom Fighter, temporarily joined the Royal Secret Service
Technomage; Bride of the Four Houses
Robotnik's mentor and predecessor as Warlord
Prehistoric cave bear; lives in Mobian Jungle
Lunatic member of the Destructix; was an ax crazy murderer in Mercia
Speedy songbird

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