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The silence of a falling star / Lights up a purple sky
I'm nobody's sugar daddy now
But sleep won't come the whole night through
Remember, pup, before you whine/That side's yours and this side's mine
You don't care whose life you ruin
I ain't gonna worry wrinkles in my brow/'Cause nothing's ever gonna be all right nohow
I've tried so hard, my dear, to show that you're my every dream
I fancy that I see a bunch of roses/A blossom from an orange tree in your hair
Now I have traded the wrong for the right
Is it any wonder that his face is red?
LyricsSong title
If the wife and I's a fussin', buddy, that's our right,/'Cause me and that sweet woman's got a license to fight
Just a deck of cards and a jug of wine/And a woman's lies make a life like mine
I'm gonna tuck my troubles underneath my arm/And scat right back to my daddy's farm
Thibodeaux, Fontaneaux, the place is buzzin'
I went down to the river/To watch the fish swim by
I got a hot rod Ford and a two-dollar bill
Dress up in your frock of yeller/You're my gal and I'm your feller
I'm gonna keep drinking till I can't move a toe
Today I passed you on the street/And my heart fell at your feet
I was riding Number Nine, headed south from Caroline

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