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What is visible light arranged according to wavelengths called?
What are two elements that the Sun is primarily composed of?
What are the winds called that flow outwards from the Corona at high speeds called?
What is the largest object in our solar system?
What is the combining of lightweight nuclei into heavier nuclei?
What is the splitting of heavy atomic nuclei into the smaller, lighter atomic nuclei called?
What is the layer of atmosphere called that is located above the photosphere?
In the core of the sun, what is a product of the process in which hydrogen nuclei fuse?
In the sun, what percent of its mass is helium?
What spectrum is also called the sun spectrum?
What is the lowest layer of the Sun's atmosphere?
What is the top layer of the sun's atmosphere called?
In the sun, what percent of its mass is hydrogen?
What spectrum is produced by glowing liquids or solids?
What is another active feature sometimes associated with flares called?
About how many years does it take to transfer energy to the surface of the Sun from its core?
What are violent eruptions of particles and radiation from the surface of the sun called?
How much energy from the sun reaches the Earth's atmosphere in one second?
What are dark spots on the surface of the Photosphere called?
What spectrum is produced by bright lines at certain wavelengths?

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