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Can you name the superheroes given their Powers/Abilities or one of their Aliases?

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Adamantium Claws, HealingWeapon X
AudiokinesisThe Screaming Mimi
Energy Manipulation, TelekinesisRagin' Cajun
Human Physical Perfection, Intelligence, Weapon-based PowersMatches Malone
Teleportation, Night Vision, AgilityFuzzy Elf
Reflexes, Super Human SpeedThe Scarlet Speedster
Danger Sense, Strength, Wall-Crawling, Web-Spinning Prodigy
Echokinesis, Sonar, Agility, Enhanced SensesNone
Flight, X-ray Vision, Strength, Heat VisionBig Blue
Telepathy Resistance, Molecular Manipulation, ShapeshiftingMallory Brickman
Energy Beams, Flight, Force Fields, SpeedHogan Potts
Amazing AccuracyNone
Insanity, Intelligence, Toxin and Disease ResistanceMr. J
Cryokinesis, Elemental Transmogrification, Cold ResistanceRampage
Manipulation of FireNone
Power AbsorptionMarion
Mind Control, Telepathy, Mind Blast, Illusionsformerly Prisoner M-13

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