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ContentNumber and devisant
Man dies of despair because cannot love woman of nobler birth
Very corrupt religious man who attempts to rape Nun
Woman being punished by drinking from her lover's skull
Two who are forbidden to speak to eachother turn their love to God
Gentleman driven to become a monk by infuriating woman and she cannot win him back
Male servant has to chose between being loyal to his master or his sister's chastity
Grey Friar rapes woman on wedding night, taking place of husband
Incest story - do not deny what is natural
Man and wife abondoned on island, she reads scriptures, he dies
ContentNumber and devisant
Tries to tell story of rape as an anecdote - frowned upon
Poo story, tricking those who usually trick
Woman lets herself be stabbed rather than raped
Multiple lovers of a foreign countess
Story of Bastard, who doesnt love truly but does so for ambition and avarice
Clever Boatwoman who avoids being raped by two friars
Prince who sees Lawyer's wife in secret
Florinde et Amadour

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