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pilum, pili, n
gladius, gladii, m
hasta, hastae, f
comes, comitis, m and f
hiberna, hibernorum, n pl
praeda, praedae, f
arma, armorum, n pl
aquila, aquilae, f
legio, legionis, f
signum, signi, n
eques, equitis, m
auxilium, auxilii, n
miles, militis, m
praesidium, praesidii, n
copiae, copiarum, f pl
ordo, ordinis, m
proelium, proelii, n
socius, socii, m
legatus, legati, m
scutum, scuti, n
acies, aciei, f
latus, lateris, n
cohors, cohortis, f
agmen, agminis, n
pedes, peditis, m
exercitus, exercitus, m
centurio, centurionis, m
ferrum, ferri, n
dux, ducis, m

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