Queen Consorts of France

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Hughof Aquitaine
Robert IIof Italy/first wife
Robert IIof Burgandy/second wife
Robert IIof Arles/third wife
Henry Iof Frisia/first wife
Henry Iof Kiev/second wife
Philip Iof Holland/first wife
Philip Ide Montfort/second wife
Louis VIde Maurienne
Louis VIIof Aquitaune/first wife
Louis VIIof Castile/second wife
Louis VIIof Champagne/third wife
Philip IIof Hainaut/first wife
Philip IIof Denmark/second wife
Philip IIof Merania/third wife/repudiated
Philip IIof Denmark/restored
Louis VIIIof Castile
Louis IXof Provence
Philip IIIof Aragon/first wife/not crowned
Philip IIIof Brabant/second wife
Philip IVof Navarre
Louis Xof Burgundy/first wife/not crowned
Louis Xof Hungary/second wife
Philip Vof Burgundy
Charles IVof Burgundy/first wife/not crowned
Charles IVof Luxembourg/second wife
Charles IVd'Evreax/third wife
Philip VIthe Lame/first wife
Philip VIof Navarre/second wife/not crowned
John IIof Auvergne
Charles Vof Bourbon
Charles VIof Bavaria
Charles VIIof Anjou
Louis XIof Savoy
Charles VIIIof Brittany
Louis XIIof Valois/first wife/not crowned
Louis XIIof Brittany/second wife
Louis XIITudor/third wife
Francis Iof France/first wife
Francis Iof Austria/second wife
Henry IIde Medici
Francis IIQueen of Scots/not crowned
Charles IXof Austria
Henry IIIof Lorraine/not crowned
Henry IVof Valois/first wife/not crowned
Henry IVde Medici/second wife
Louis XIIIof Austria/not crowned
Louis XIVof Spain/not crowned
Louis XVLeszczynska/not crowned
Louis XVIof Austria/not crowned
Napoleon ITascher de la Pagerie/first wife
Napoleon Iof Austria/second wife/not crowned
Louis-Philippeof Naples and Sicily/not crowned
Napoleon IIIde Montjio/not crowned

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