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Can you name the Foreigner songs contained in the word ladder?

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---- Box Hero
Star Wars hero
Guitar relative
Too ----
Wash or bathe
I Want to Know What ---- Is
Pidgeon of peace
Enter water head first
Ten cents
Feels Like the First ----
Decorative flooring
Pinball penalty
To droop or become limp
Mr. Disney
Can't ----
A particle, bit, or jot
Cracking disciplinary tool
Don't call it a boat
Make purchases
To spill or splash
Strike with an open hand
A piece of broad, flat, solid material
Forcibly punture with a sharp object
Burn or char the surface
Letter opener
Flighty forest creature
One who does
Takes action
Charles and Herbert
---- On Love
The beginning of the day
Trade old goods for cash
Animal feet
Throw from a quarterback
Time gone by
List of actors
Young horse
---- As Ice
Precious metal
To coat with said metal
To bind with a belt or band
I've Been Waiting For A ---- Like You
Underwater breathing organ
Say You ----
Piteous cry
Tooth and ----
Solid precipitation
Transitional area between rooms
AC/DC's highway's destination
To cure of illness or injury
---- Games
Group of cows
Juke Box ----

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