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Can you name the things with marine life names?

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One who stares into space
To struggle clumsily
Common house pest
Model of Plymouth (1964 - 1974)
Navyman (slang)
Three up and three down in US Army
Fool; Hard candy on a stick
Brand of lawnmower
A quick inhalation of odor
Short person (slang)
Toyota model of motorhome
Wheeled Shoe
To fuse, melt or refine ore
Pubic Louse
A rich sucker (in sales)
Submarine projectile
A child's 'feety' pajamas
Where knife and handle connect
Roost for a bird
A light yellowish-pink
Beam of light
Fecal Matter
One who makes/alters clothes
Coin valued at 100 cents
Illegal game hunter
Swelling associated with a black eye
Poker hustler
A long sharp pole
Bottom of the foot

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