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Can you name the the nicknames for JD on Scrubs?

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Dr. Cox uses this nickname from the first episode on. It refers to JD's fresh status at the hospital.Dr. Cox
Janitor created this mouthful to mock JD's tendency to create nicknames instead of remember actual names.Janitor
This nickname is used to differentiate between JD and his patient, JD.JD's Mentally Retarded Patient
Janitor uses this to tease JD about both him and Elliot getting the chief resident job.Janitor
Dr. Cox likes to keep it original. Any of these have been used throughout the series.Dr. Cox
Kelso calls the males this nickname and the females 'sweetheart'.Dr. Kelso
The culmination of Janitor's search for a nickname for JD. Dr. Cox also says it once as well.Janitor
The nickname Janitor came up first when he decides to find JD a nickname.Janitor
Carla is the only one to use this term of endearment for JDCarla
Much to JD's horror, Danni says this to him in the bedroom. Most likely a nickname for a part of JD, rather than him as a whole.Danni
Janitor uses this one in 'My Monster' to belittle JD after he has trouble 'getting his manhood going'.Janitor
Dan usually uses this nickname to surprise or scare JD. Usually preceded by 'Hey'.Dan
Turk's nickname for JD. It's the counterpart for what JD calls Turk.Turk
Molly insists on calling JD this in spite of his frustration.Molly
This is John Dorian's preferred nickname.Everybody
Kelso uses this as an one time insult for JD's very enthusiastic question answering.Kelso
Jordan constantly (and purposely) forgets JD's name. She replaces it with this similar name.Jordan
Dr. Cox says this to JD as a conclusion to his speech about the medical concept of a zebra. Like all of Cox's other nicknames, it is meant to belittle JD.Dr. Cox
This one refers to JD's underdeveloped facial hair. Cox is also successful in getting one of his patients, Craig, to call JD this.Dr. Cox
'What my prison name would be...'JD

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