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We're one of a kind, like dip dadip We go together
Tell me more, tell me more, cause Summer nights
You better shape up cause I need a man You're the one that I want
Summer fling, don't mean a thing,Summer nights
I solve my problems and I see the light. We gotta plug and think,Grease is the word
I don't drink I swear,Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee
But baby can't you see,Hopelessly devoted to you
And I'm losin' control.'Cause the powerYou're the one that I want
Beginning of the lyricEnding of the lyricSongs
With a four speed on the floorGreased lightning
Well she was good Summer nights
Your future's so unclear nowBeauty school dropout
You got your crust, I'm no object of lust, I'm just Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee
Stranded at the drive-in, branded a foolSandy
I could flirt with all the guysThere are worse things I could do
Go grease lightning you're burning Greased lightning

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