4th edition D&D PC classes

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Can you name the 4th edition D&D PC classes?

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Power Source & RoleClassSource
Psionic LeaderPlayer's Handbook 3
Arcane LeaderEberron Player's Guide
Shadow StrikerDragon Magazine #379
Divine StrikerPlayer's Handbook 2
Primal StrikerPlayer's Handbook 2
Arcane LeaderPlayer's Handbook 2
Prsionic DefenderPlayer's Handbook 3
Divine LeaderPlayer's Handbook
Primal ControllerPlayer's Handbook 2
Martial DefenderPlayer's Handbook
Divine ControllerPlayer's Handbook 2
Psionic StrikerPlayer's Handbook 3
Divine DefenderPlayer's Handbook
Power Source & RoleClassSource
Psionic ControllerPlayer's Handbook 3
Martial StrikerPlayer's Handbook
Martial StrikerPlayer's Handbook
Divine LeaderPlayer's Handbook 3
Primal ControllerPlayer's Handbook 3
Primal LeaderPlayer's Handbook 2
Arcane StrikerPlayer's Handbook 2
Arcane DefenderForgotten Realms Player's Guide
Primal DefenderPlayer's Handbook 2
Arcane StrikerPlayer's Handbook
Martial LeaderPlayer's Handbook
Arcane ControllerPlayer's Handbook

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