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Physicist with loop & junction rules pertaining to circuits
Structural protein found in skin and hair
Unit of energy expressing power*time equal to 3.6 megajoules
Organ in the abdominal cavity, essential to the urinary system
A quadrilateral with two pairs of adjacent and congruent sides and perpendicular diagonals
Temperature scale with measurement 'absolute zero'
Type of energy related to motion
Noble Gas with atomic number 36
Metric prefix meaning 10^3
German astronomer that studied laws of planetary motion
The spherical region of the outer solar system that has a population of 'ice dwarfs'
A flightless New Zealand bird with hair like feathers
The series of chemical reactions used by all aerobic organisms to generate energy
In evolution, the selection of traits that aid an organism's competitive capability when the population is at or near its carrying capacity
Name for the groups that living things are divided into (there are five)
Scientific study of human and animal movement
Name for the first oribital that electrons follow around an atoms nucleus (when filled, two electrons have principal quantum number one)
An organized profile of a person's chromosomes
10th letter of the greek alphabet meaning 'K'
Petroleum used as fuel for burning

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