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Meningitis in Neonates (1 of 3)
Type P pilli cause disease
Alcoholic with pneumonia, currant jelly sputum
hepatic abscesses
bowel perforation
never prescribe abx for
ventilator pneumonia, associated with quinolone use
Respiratory failure in CF pt (MCC)
bundle branch block, recent prosthetic valve placement
MCC Pneumonia
hemorrhagic pneumonia
MCC nosocomial UTI
endocarditis after dentist
favors aortic valve
staghorn calculi UTI
necrotizing pneumonia in CF pt
>2 wks of cough, ruptured blood vessels in eyes
tricuspid valve murmur
RPR 1:2, MHA-TP+
Meningitis in Adults (1 of 3)
Meningitis in Adults (1 of 3)
painless chancre
CXR looks bad, family member had pneumonia
RPR 1:32, MHA-TP+
Meningitis in Neonates (1 of 3)
RPR 1:2, MHA-TP-
Meningitis in Neonates (1 of 3)
Meningitis in Adults (1 of 3)
kid with kidney disease
toxic shock due to pyrogenic exotoxin
can't see, pee, or climb tree (reactive arthritis)
urethritis, purulent discharge, PID, endocarditis
MCC osteomyelitis
colon cancer + endocarditis
teenager/early 20's with endocarditis, NOT drug user
Type I pilli cause disease
RPR 1:8, MHA-TP+
MCC peritonitis
Crepitant cellulitis
GU procedure + endocarditis
Meningitis + endocarditis
painful chancre
alcoholic + endocarditis
2nd MCC nosocomial UTI
pneumonia + diarrhea, in an outbreak
bacteremia + UTI
MCC nosocomial pneumonia

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