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suboccipital lymphadenopathy
maculopapular rash lasts 3 days
rash on hands, feet, and mouth (itchy in adults)
MCC Gingivostomatitis
aseptic nuchal rigidity, headache, fever
hemorrhagic conjunctivitis
MCC diarrhea in adults, cruise ship
Hepatitis that replicates by reverse transcription
Oral hairy leukoplakia, non-scrapable
fever, exudative pharyngitis, high LFTs, risk of splenic rupture
MCC diarrhea in kids, day care
MCC inspiratory stridor, barking cough, hoarseness
hemorrhagic fever with back pain, rash
Castleman's dz
umbilicated painless skin nodules
hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome
URTI, congestion, sneeze, during Fall/Spring
QVirusExtra Info
hepatocellular carcinoma
URTI, congestion, sneeze, during Winter
lacks HA
slapped cheeks rash
MCC viral encephalitis
hemorrhagic fever with black vomit and jaundice
Predisposition to strongyloides infxn
congenital hearing loss, chorioretinits, microcephaly, seizures
viral diarrhea, slow incubation
latent in DRG, reactivates in dermatome
acute pericarditis or myocarditis
water-borne hepatitis
newborn with congenital microcephaly, cataracts, blueberry muffin rash, sensorineurial deafness
infects ventral horns of spinal cord and peyer's patches
abrupt onset of dry cough, fever, malaise, congestion
Burkitt's Lymphoma
non-febrile bronchiolitis
Kaposi's Sarcoma

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