Plural One-Word Movie Titles (N-Z)

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Can you name the plural one-word movies starting with the letters N-Z from the given clues?

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Titles consist of a single plural word ending in 's'. For example, "The Avengers" would not count but "Aliens" does. Likewise, "X-men" is ineligible, but "Fanboys" is.
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Starting LetterMovie TitleActor (Year)
NChristian Bale (1992)
NSylvester Stallone (1981)
NBarbra Streisand (1987)
ODouglas Henshall (1998)
PAnne Hathaway (2008)
PBen Affleck (1998)
PAdrien Brody (2010)
QGeoffrey Rush (2000)
RWarren Beatty (1981)
REwan McGregor (2005)*
RMatt Damon (1998)
SSalma Hayek (2012)
SChuck Norris (1992)
Starting LetterMovie TitleActor (Year)
SJohn Candy (1987)
SVince Vaughn (1996)
TRobin Williams (1992)
TShia LaBeouf (2007)
TKevin Bacon (1990)
TJosh Duhamel (2006)
UD.B. Sweeney (2013)
VJames Woods (1998)
VCyndi Lauper (1988)
WMatthew Broderick (1983)
WClara Bow (1927)
YRichard Gere (1979)
ZJoan Allen (1986)

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