Roosevelt or Roosevelt?

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Can you correctly attribute the below quotes to either Theodore Roosevelt or Franklin Roosevelt?

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The quotes come from a number of sources. As much as possible, I verified them as actual quotes and tried not to include any apocrypha or disputed attributions.
Quotation(T)heodore or (F)ranklin?
“Government by organized
money is just as
dangerous as Government
by organized mob.”
“Human kindness has never weakened
the stamina or softened the fiber
of a free people. A nation does not
have to be cruel to be tough.”
“Confidence thrives on honesty,
on honor, on the sacredness of
obligations, on faithful protection
and on unselfish performance.”
“We wish peace, but we wish the peace
of justice, the peace of righteousness.
We wish it because we think it is right
and not because we are afraid.”

“War is a contagion, whether it be
declared or undeclared.”
“This country will not be a permanently
good place for any of us to live in
unless we make it a reasonably good
place for all of us to live in.”
“The destinies of this country should be
shaped primarily by moral forces, and by
material forces only as they are
subordinated to these moral forces.”
“Women should have free access to every
field of labor which they care to enter,
and when their work is as valuable as that
of a man it should be paid as highly.”

“Success does not lie entirely
in the hands of any one of us.”

“We are all Americans. Our common
interests are as broad as the continent.”
Quotation(T)heodore or (F)ranklin?

“Full knowledge of the past helps us
in dealing with the future.”
“Happiness lies not in the mere
possession of money; it lies
in the joy of achievement, in the
thrill of creative effort.”
“As a nation, we may take
pride in the fact that we
are softhearted; but we cannot
afford to be soft-headed.”
“We cannot afford weakly to blind
ourselves to the actual conflict
which faces us today. The issue is
joined, and we must fight or fail.”

“Enduring peace cannot be bought at
the cost of other people's freedom.”
“No man can occupy the office
of President without realizing
that he is President
of all the people.”

“The life of a nation is the fullness of
the measure of its will to live.”
“I believe that material wealth
is an exceedingly valuable servant,
and a particularly abhorrent master,
in our National life.”
“The collective power of the State
can help; but it is the individual’s
own power of self-help
which is most important.”

“Democracy is not dying. We know it
because we have seen it revive and grow.”

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