Ireland or Iceland?

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Can you correctly answer each question by choosing either Ireland or Iceland?

Featured Dec 1, 2013

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Which Country...Iceland or Ireland? a member state of NATO? the primary setting of the 1996 book 'Angela's Ashes'?
...produces the children's television show 'LazyTown'? a member of the European Union?
...has the greater population?
...prominently features a harp on their coat of arms?
...has the noble gyrfalcon as its national bird?
...celebrates its National Day on June 17? the birthplace of multiple Grammy nominee Björk?
...was first to be declared a republic?
...has the higher elevation point?
...has more Nobel Laureates?
...does not have a standing army?
...has a national anthem named 'The Soldiers' Song'?
...has the longer coastline?
...calls their national football team 'The Boys in Green'?
...has been nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars?
...drives on the left side of the road?
...won more medals at the 2012 Olympics? personified by the 'Lady of the Mountain'?

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