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TypeCreatorNotable Works
WriterAmazing Fantasy # 15, Amazing Spider-Man # 1-38
Writer1960's & early 1970's Amazing Spider-Man
WriterNothing Can Stop the Juggernaut, Introduction of the Hobgoblin, 1980's Amazing Spider-Man & Spectacular Spider-Man
WriterKraven's Last Hunt, 1990's Spectacular Spider-Man
WriterDeath of Gwen Stacy, Introduction of the Punisher, Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man, 1970's Amazing Spider-Man
WriterSpider-Man/Human Torch, current Amazing Spider-Man writer
WriterUltimate Spider-Man, Avengers, New Avengers
WriterDeath of Jean DeWolff, 1980's Spectacular Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099
WriterComing Home, 2000's Amazing Spider-Man v.1 &2
WriterVenom, Late 1980's-1990's Amazing Spider-Man
Writer1980's Amazing Spider-Man, Black Costume Spider-Man
WriterUntold Tales of Spider-Man
Writer1980's Spectacular Spider-Man, Owl/Octopus War
WriterSmattering of Amazing Spider-Man issues from 2008-2012, other various Spidey Stuff
WriterReturn of the Burglar, Late 1970's Amazing Spider-Man
WriterSpectacular Spider-Man v.2 (2000's)
WriterMid 1970's Amazing Spider-Man
WriterSmattering of Amazing Spider-Man issues from 2008-2010, other various Spidey Stuff
WriterMarvel Team-Up
WriterSmattering of Amazing Spider-Man issues from 2008-2010, Avenging Spider-Man
WriterMarvel Knights Spider-Man
WriterEarly 1990's Web of Spider-Man, Mid-Late 1990's Amazing Spider-Man v.2 & Peter Parker, Spider-Man
WriterSensational Spider-Man v.1, Mid 1990's Spectacular Spider-Man
WriterSmattering of Amazing Spider-Man issues from 2009-2011, other various Spidey Stuff
WriterAmazing Spider-Man 1980-81
TypeCreatorNotable Works
Artist1960's-1970's Amazing Spider-Man
ArtistAmazing Fantasy # 15, Amazing Spider-Man # 1-38
ArtistNumerous works (very prolific from 1980's-current)
ArtistUltimate Spider-Man, 1990's Amazing Spider-Man
ArtistVenom/Venom Returns, Late 1980's Amazing Spider-Man, early 1990's Spider-Man writer/artist
ArtistMid 1970's Amazing Spider-Man, Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man
ArtistDeath of Captain Stacy, early 1970's Amazing Spider-Man
ArtistSmattering of Amazing Spider-Man issues from 2008-2011, other various Spidey Stuff
Artist1970's-1990's Spectacular Spider-Man
ArtistMarvel Team-Up, Early 2000's Amazing Spider-Man writer/artist
ArtistEarly 1990's Amazing Spider-Man
Artist1980's Amazing Spider-Man
ArtistKraven's Last Hunt, some 1980's Spectacular Spider-Man
ArtistLate 1990's Sensational Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
ArtistCurrent Amazing Spider-Man artist, 2000's Spectacular Spider-Man v.2
ArtistSmattering of Amazing Spider-Man issues from 2008-2010, Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man
ArtistUltimate Spider-Man, New Avengers
ArtistEarly 2000's Peter Parker: Spider-Man
ArtistA few late 2000's Amazing Spider-Man issues + multiple covers
ArtistMid 2000's Amazing Spider-Man
ArtistUltimate Comics Spider-Man, Spider-Men
ArtistCivil War, New Avengers
ArtistMarvel Knights Spider-Man, Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do
ArtistLate 1970's Amazing Spider-Man, Introduction of the Black Cat
ArtistWeb of Spider-Man v.1, The Amazing Spider-Man Sunday Newspaper Strip

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