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Can you name the largest metropolitan areas in the world that are more than 1000 kilometers from the nearest ocean?

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9,750,0001,117 km (Atlantic Ocean, mouth of Delaware Bay)
9,050,0001,023 km (Arabian Sea)
6,200,0001,084 km (Gulf of Tonkin)
3,525,0001,182 km (Hudson Bay)
3,425,0001,108 km (Arabian Sea)
3,175,0001,204 km (Gulf of California)
3,150,0001,041 km (Arabian Sea)
2,825,0001,053 km (Strait of Hormuz)
2,600,0002,367 km (Bay of Bengal)
2,425,0001,778 km (Arabian Sea)
2,400,0001,249 km (Bo Hai)
2,175,0001,058 km (Arabian Sea)
2,075,0001,040 km (Gulf of Mexico)
1,920,0001,060 km (Atlantic Ocean, mouth of Courantyne)
1,760,0001,085 km (Hudson Bay)
1,700,0001,070 km (Arabian Sea)
1,690,0001,012 km (Gulf of Khambat)
1,670,0001,199 km (Indian Ocean, mouth of Pungue)
1,650,0002,195 km (Arabian Sea)
1,630,0001,153 km (South Atlantic Ocean)

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