Name the Book by Characters(Sci Fi)

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Can you name the works in which these characters appear?

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Rod Blaine/ Sally Fowler/ Whitbread's Motie
Hari Seldon/ Salvor Hardin
Duncan Idaho/ Stilgar/ Alia
Rick Deckard/ Rachel Rosen/ Pris Stratton
Valentine Michael Smith
Peter Wiggin/ Bean/ Petra
Henry Dorsett Case/ Lady 3Jane/ Wintermute
Winston Smith/ Julia
Robert Walton/ Henry Clerval/ the Monster
Johnny Goodboy Tyler/ Terl
Offred/ Serena Joy/ Luke
Elwin Ransom/ Tinidril('Eve')/ Professor Weston
Pierre Arronax/ Ned Land/ Captain Nemo
Kris Kelvin/ Snow/ Sartorius

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