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profession, drug of choiceNameyear died, cause of death
Actor, Heroin and Cocaine1993, Heroin and cocaine overdose.
Poet (german), Alcohol (wine)1832, probably heart attack
Musician (male), mainly Heroin1994, drug overdose and shotgun to the head
Actress, legal medical drugs2009, combination of pneumonia, an iron deficiency and 'multiple drug intoxication.'
Musician (male), Alcohol, Opiates1995, heart attack
Artist (Painter), Alcohol (Absinthe)1890, suicide, shot himself in the chest with a revolver
Writer, mainly Opiates1997, heart attack
Writer, Alcohol (wine)1969, liver cirrhosis
Politician (US Senate), Alcohol1957, Hepatitis exacerbated by alcoholism.
Singer (female), Alcohol and Opiates1959, alcoholism leading to liver and heart disease.
Playmate, Benzodiazepenes, Chloral Hydrate2007, Lethal combination of aforementioned drugs
Musician (male), Alcohol and Barbiturates1970, Respiratory arrest caused by alcohol and barbiturate overdose and vomit inhalation.
Politician and military leader, Opium1946, suicide with a potassium cyanide capsule the night before he was to be hanged after being convicted for committing war crimes.
profession, drug of choiceNameyear died, cause of death
Poet and Philosopher, Opium1834, heart failure compounded by an unknown lung disorder, possibly linked to his use of opium
Musician (male), Heroin and others1971, officially heart failure, but probably Heroin overdose
Poet (french), Alcohol and Opium1867, stroke
Musician (male), legal medical drugs, alcohol1977, Cardiac arrhythmia. Drug overdose.
Psychologist, Cocaine and Opium1939, assisted suicide with morphine
Writer, alcohol, LSD, mescaline, and cocaine (among other substances)2005, Suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound.
Actor, legal medical drugs2008, Combined drug intoxication of oxycodone, hydrocodone, alprazolam, diazepam, temazepam and doxylamine
Actress, Barbiturates, Alcohol1962, Barbiturate overdose.
Actor and musician, various different drugs1982, speedball (heroin and cocaine injection)
Musician (male, UK), Heroin1979, Suicide by drug overdose.
Writer, Alcohol (Absinthe)1849, unknown
Singer (female), Heroin1970, overdose

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