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I remember...TitleAuthor
Germans, bayonets and repeated references to smells.Frayn
Black Feminism and letters to God.Walker
The roaring twenties: Bootleggin and adultery.Fitzgerald
Incest and cringing when it was being read to us by a teacher.Nabokov
Lower class, middle class, death, lower class again; not having a clue whats going on. 'After all we are only 14 miss!'Lawrence
A self-deluded character called Dorothea.Elliot
Lizards, onions, kids in prison.Sachar
Pony and trap, cloaks and being absolutely petrified. Hill
I remember...TitleAuthor
Suicide, interrogation, socialism. Priestley
Pure feminism... Duffy
Insanity, Incest, Murder ( not necessarily in that order)Shakespeare
Angry peasants, drunken judges, the alienation effect.Brecht
Lines, Lines and LinesWordsworth/Coleridge
Suspense, war and making jokes about the name 'Trotter'Sherriff
The American dream, something about a fridge and banging my head against the desk.MIller

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