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LetterCharacter, Place or ThingClue
AElessar, Elfstone, Strider, Thorongil, Wingfoot, etc.
CWarden of the Grey Havens
DFished the One Ring out of a river
EThird Marshal of the Riddermark
FPouting Elf from the Council scene in the FotR movie, fans named him.
GNot Hama, T's lieutenant
HElf who died (in the movie) when he shouldn't have
IPrince of Dol Amroth
JAn Oxford Don with an active imagination
KFili's twin
LPrince of Mirkwood, 'Greenleaf'
MGuardian of the Halls of Waiting
LetterCharacter, Place or ThingClue
NMakes up a trio with Dori and Ori
OMakes up a trio with H and R
PFool of a Took!
QNot Sindarin
RLothlorien Elf, helped greet the Fellowship
SA big spider
THis sword was Herugrim
UA bigger spider
VQueen of the Stars, one of the Valar
WHailed from Angmar
X'Strider', 'The Voice of Saruman', 'The Black Gate Opens'
YQueen of the Earth, one of the Valar
ZWhere the Balrog fell

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