Name the Pokemon Gym Leaders

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Can you name the Pokemon Gym Leaders by Type and Region?

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Type and Region
Rock Kanto
Water Kanto
Electric Kanto
Grass Kanto
Poison Kanto
Poison Kanto
Psychic Kanto
Fire Kanto
Ground Kanto
Mix Kanto
Flying Johto
Bug Johto
Normal Johto
Ghost Johto
Fighting Johto
Steel Johto
Ice Johto
Dragon Johto
Rock Hoenn
Fighting Hoenn
Electric Hoenn
Fire Hoenn
Normal Hoenn
Flying Hoenn
Psychic Hoenn
Water Hoenn
Water Hoenn
Rock Sinnoh
Grass Sinnoh
Type and Region
Fighting Sinnoh
Water Sinnoh
Ghost Sinnoh
Steel Sinnoh
Ice Sinnoh
Electric Sinnoh
Fire Unova
Grass Unova
Water Unova
Normal Unova
Normal Unova
Poison Unova
Bug Unova
Electric Unova
Ground Unova
Flying Unova
Ice Unova
Dragon Unova
Dragon Unova
Water Unova
Bug Kalos
Rock Kalos
Fighting Kalos
Grass Kalos
Electric Kalos
Fairy Kalos
Psychic Kalos
Ice Kalos

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