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Can you name the games played in the Davis Room of the math department?

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Brought to you by global warming
Don't Stop
You just have to find a line in four-dimensional space
Hatred is worth more than Love
The answer is probably not Russia
Go for the gold, maybe
Puerto Rico in space, apparently
Nothing heals bullet wounds like beer!
Also the name of a donut
Brains, use 'em or lose 'em
How many sheep for a brick?
It can be fried
No privileged information
Steffenesque is a word now
You really want to come in last
Apparently, sailing is one of these
Who needs brakes when you have walls?
One word, two syllables
Spiritual predecessor to Clue
She's got one, but she don't care.
Why doesn't he just leave London?
Tetris's Cousin
How are these tunnels moving?
Learn how to avoid dating an axe murder
Fast, short answers in crayon
You sunk my schooner!
Spasm or fidget
There's one over river Kwai

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