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Can you name the story arcs from Marvel's Punisher MAX series'?

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IssuesStory ArcDescription
1-6Frank is hunted by the CIA
7-12Numerous gangs vie for a prize
13-18Frank does some wetwork for Nick Fury
19-24Digging up the family is not a bright idea
25-30Frank takes out a prostitution ring
31-36One man may be demented enough to win
37-42Frank digs up the past in Afghanistan
43-49Mafia wives try to get even
50-54The return of a nemesis
55-60Frank versus the Military Industrial Complex
61-65Frank plays hero to a Mexican town
66-70Poisoned with only a few possible targets
71-74Punisher, 'Deliverance'-style
IssuesStory ArcDescription
1-5 (PunisherMAX)Could one man control all the crime?
6-10 (PunisherMAX)A man who never misses
Annual 1Survivor plays cat and mouse
Punisher Max PresentsSee 31-36
One-Shot (2008)Dead men on a raft
Special (2008)Tell-all brings trouble
One-Shot (2009)No weapons allowed
Special (2009)Frank saves Mary and Joseph?
One-Shot (2010)A woman's revenge
One-Shot (2010)Frank goes to Britain
One-Shot (2010)Massage parlour killings
One-Shot (2010)Cars and killing

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