D&D: Forgotten Realms Deities

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PortfolioPower Level
Endurance, martyrdom, perseveranceIntermediate
Strength, Uthgardt tribesExarch
Justice, good dragonsIntermediate
Happiness, festivals, tradeLesser
Mages, wizards, spellcastersDead
Glaciers, polar areas, arctic dwellersDemipower
Deception, illusion, mistDead
Earth, solidity, oathsPrimordial
Forests, forest creatures, rangersIntermediate
Evil dragons, evil reptilesIntermediate
Beauty, dance, huntingDead
Dawn, renewal, creativityGreater
Nobles, rightful rule, human royaltyDemigod
Money, trade, wealthIntermediate
Spiders, evil, chaosGreater
Monsters, lycanthropes, huntersLesser
Decay, corruption, rottingDead
Betrayal, cruelty, corruptionDemipower
Fear, hatred, tyrannyGreater
Guardians, protection, protectorsDead
Disease, poisonLesser
Air, flying creatures, speedPrimordial
Fortune, luck, fateDead
Necromancy, liches, undeathDead
PortfolioPower Level
Accidents, misfortune, mischiefIntermediate
Groves, watershedsPrimal spirit
Dinosaurs, jungles, ChultPrimordial
Royalty, lions, good beastsPrimal spirit
Intelligent beasts, talking beastsArchfey
Deception, illusion, liesGreater
Shadows, thievery, thievesDead
Eloquence, poetry, songLesser
Darkness, dungeons, lossGreater
Naval combat, ships, favorable windsExarch
Water, purificationPrimordial
Glades, fertility, growthDemipower
Duty, loyalty, obedienceGreater
Enlightenment, autonomy, psionicsDead
Hedonism, sensuality, catsDemipower
Stars, navigation, wanderersGreater
Retribution, poetic justiceExarch
Justice, lawDead
The dead, decay, parasitesDead
Pragmatism, reasonDead
Murder, violence, assassinationDead
Caravans, exploration, travelLesser
Literature, images, glyphsLesser
Victory, skill, adventurersIntermediate
PortfolioPower Level
Fatalism, burial, tombsDemipower
The deadGreater
Storms, destruction, rebellionGreater
Oceans, waves, sea windsIntermediate
Strategy, planning, tacticsExarch
Purification, firePrimordial
Agriculture, crops, farmersGreater
Torture, agony, sufferingIntermediate
Cycles of life, recklessness, SaurialsDemigod
Beauty, love, passionGreater
War, battle, warriorsGreater
Cold, winter, iceIntermediate
Divination, fate, truthDead
Tracking, rangersDemipower
Disease, plagueDead
Destruction, plunder, slaughterExarch
Bards, inspiration, inventionGreater
Magic, spells, the WeaveDead
Battle, prowess, strengthDead
Artifice, construction, craftIntermediate
Nature, druidsGreater
Law, contracts, bureaucracyDead

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