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Can you name the chess terms by the given hints??

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pawn upgrade
the move of one player (half move)
chess referee
two move victory
your King is in...
line up two pieces that move similarly
rows on a chessboard going up and down
weak chess player
a piece can not move without exposing the King.
this piece is not called a castle, though it looks like one
attacking a piece not adequately defended
winning the game
special pawn move
you can't move any piece without having your king be threatened, results in nobody winning
to give up a piece of lesser value for one recently captured
sacrifice a piece to develop a series of moves
row of pawns guarding each other
a guarded piece in a weak spot
to fix a piece ('I adjust')
this is not a horse or horsey, it is a ______
the weakest piece, but it shows potential
rows on a chessboard going side to side
square where the king can escape, German for air
to give up a piece of similar value as one recently taken
removing an opponent's piece
the most important piece in the game
two pieces threaten the King
the most powerful piece in the game
two pieces threatened
making a bad move to hope opponent makes a mistake, type of trap
only move where two pieces are used
this piece moves only on the diagonals
weak square on opponent's side
four move victory
tie game
to tip the king

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