Dungeons & Dragons 4e Monster Manual A-B

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Can you name the The Monsters from the 4th Edition Monster Manual A-B?

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TypeMonsterLevel & Role
AbominationLevel 22 Elite Lurker
AbolethLevel 17 Artillery (Leader)
BehemothLevel 7 Soldier
AngelLevel 14 Soldier
AngelLevel 21 Minion
BanshraeLevel 12 Skirmisher
BodakLevel 18 Soldier
BasiliskLevel 12 Soldier
AbominationLevel 23 Soldier
BoarLevel 6 Brute
BearLevel 11 Elite Brute
Angel Level 19 Elite Brute
Archon (Fire)Level 20 Artillery
BattlebriarLevel 14 Controller
Beetle Level 5 Controller
BasiliskLevel 10 Artillery
AngelLevel 15 Skirmisher (Leader)
AngelLevel 11 Minion
BeholderLevel 19 Solo Artillery
AzerLevel 15 Brute
BeetleLevel 8 Soldier
Archon (Fire)Level 12 Brute
BalhannothLevel 13 Elite Lurker
AzerLevel 14 Soldier
BeholderLevel 13 Artillery
TypeMonsterLevel & Role
AbolethLevel 18 Elite Controller (Leader)
AzerLevel 17 Minion
Boar Level 15 Brute
Azer Level 17 Controller (Leader)
AzerLevel 17 Soldier (Leader)
BearLevel 6 Elite Brute
BanshraeLevel 11 Artillery
BehemothLevel 9 Brute
AngelLevel 8 Soldier
Berbalang Level 10 Solo Skirmisher
AbominationLevel 30 Solo Brute
AbolethLevel 16 Minion
BatLevel 5 Skirmisher
AbolethLevel 17 Brute
Archon (Ice)Level 19 Soldier
AbominationLevel 26 Elite Controller
Angel Level 16 Minion
BatLevel 3 Lurker
Archon (Ice)Level 20 Controller (Leader)
Archon (Ice)Level 16 Artillery
BeetleLevel 1 Brute
BodakLevel 16 Lurker
BattlebriarLevel 28 Elite Brute
Archon (Fire)Level 19 Soldier
AbominationLevel 28 Elite Brute

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