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'Nympheas,' a series of paintings by Claude Monet.
Washington building known for its plumbers in 1972.
Apocalyptic movie starring Kevin Costner.
Sea wall; groyne.
Used for nuclear projects; liquid containing a higher-than-normal proportion of the hydrogen isotope deuterium.
The thing in the office that everyone gossips around.
If someone is in trouble, they are in ...
Orchestral movements by Handel composed in 1717.
Type of paint.
Something that is the best or the finest is said to be of '...'
What Native Americans call liquor in the movies.
Republican politician from Arizona who ran for president in 1964.
Apparatus used to quell riots.
Sexy place to sleep, esp. with satin sheets.
'Come hell or ...'
Athletes carry this for hydration.
Form of swimming that keeps you in one place.
Another name for restroom.
If someone can do no wrong, they ....
Not a shoe, but a deadly serpent.
'Throw the baby out with the ...'
Obstacle to be avoided by golfers.
Nice place for livestock to get a drink.
When families stick together, it is said that...
Richard Adams' novel about rabbits.
Source of liquid for aquifers, springs and wells.
Game played by two teams throwing a ball into each other's goals.
If someone is out of their element, they are 'like a ...'
Delicious red summer fruit with black seeds.
If something is in the past, it is ......
You don't go to the bathroom in this! It's a kind of perfume!
Sport where one is pulled behind a boat on a rope.
You can use this to repel vampires, or to get baptized (not necessarily in that order).
This is said about quiet people who have hidden talents/charms.
Saturated with water; containing so much water as to be unmanageable.
Fun place with rides and slides.
Something that has completely failed is said to be....
Not affected; it rolls off like .......
Remote, insignificant. A '...' town.

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